Going on a trip?

The CoastView app is an excellent travel companion. Bring it along on your next coastal adventure and you'll see the coast in a whole new way.



smooth sailing

Dive right in. Cruisers, kayakers, and fishing boaters can scope out hidden bays and perfect camping spots. CoastView offers a useful perspective of the coast you can't get from the water - a low-tide, oblique aerial image for anywhere along the coast. Use it to find places to anchor, scout promising fishing areas, or enhance your navigation charts. CoastView will display the nearest image to your location while you are traveling or at home.


take off 

It's better than a window seat. CoastView turns an ordinary commercial flight into a customized flight-seeing experience. Discover what the coast below you looks like. Find out about the ecology, nature, or history of the west coast. Always know where you are with CoastView's built-in map. Traveling north? It's one of the best Alaska apps there is!

While everyone else on the plane is snoozing, you'll be discovering the world below. Check out flightseeing options here.


go for a spin

Roadtrip! When you're chasing the sun or the storms along the coast of the Pacific Northwest, don't forget to bring CoastView along for the ride. Planning a drive along Highway 101 in Oregon? Use the app at home to help you plan your trip (find a good beach to stop for a picnic). Or download your route before you depart so you can watch the coast unfold from the sea-side as you drive along the land-side. Never wonder what's "on the other side" anymore!


take a hike

Let's go! CoastView is a great hiking buddy for walks along the dramatic coastal trails of Washington's Olympic National Park or the famed West Coast Trail of the Pacific Rim National Park in British Columbia. Download images and information along your route or use it to identify camping sites. Surfers in Oregon use CoastView to scope out good surfing beaches, and then use the built-in coordinates (latitude/longitude) to navigate to the beach.


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