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We love it when people talk about us! Here are some things they're saying:



App makes Alaska coastal data available offline: An Anchorage-based group of entrepreneurs is trying to make it a little easier to learn about Alaska's coastline with a new app.


coastview app wins seed funding

We were elated to get the news that the CoastView app had been awarded seed funding from the Alaska Seed Fund! It was a tough competition; over 70 businesses applied and we made it into the top 15% to get an award. It was a real honor to be selected for funding from the National Science Foundation by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and business people. Read about it!



It was a c-c-c-cold day in Alaska when we went out with a photographer to get the picture for this article. But our chattering teeth were worth it. We love how the picture captures the soft glow of the coast in the background. This article by the Small Business Development Center in Alaska talks about the origins of the CoastView mobile app.

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