Better than a window seat.

CoastView is for exploring the coasts of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. You can see and learn about the coast through stunning close-up pictures, an interactive map, and written/audio points of interest - whether you're traveling in “real-time” by bike, car, boat or airplane, or traveling “virtually” from a comfy chair at home.

An easy-to-use and fascinating way to learn about the history, nature, and geography of the west coast of North America, CoastView has over a half million high-quality images and points of interest to help tell the story. Use it at home to plan an adventure (an Alaska cruise, or a fishing, kayaking, or flightseeing trip) and take a stress-free ‘virtual trip’ anywhere along the coast. Or use it while traveling to see and learn about the coast right next to you, no wifi required. Download the app and take your first trip today!

"People on the plane around me were craning their necks to see what I was looking at."

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