Sight-see from the comfort of home

The CoastView app brings the coasts of Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alaska right to you, whether you're there or not. Use it at home to plan a trip, scope out fishing spots, preview ports of call for your Alaska cruise, or simply enjoy 'visiting' some of the most scenic shorelines in the world!

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armchair traveler?

CoastView is the best seat in the house! The CoastView app gives you the best seat in the house no matter where you are. Download the app for free, pick a point on the map, and explore hidden coves, sandy beaches, and majestic scenery of Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alaska. Discover points of interest. Save your favorite images and share them with friends and family on social media.

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planning an adventure?

Indulge your desire to plan ahead! With CoastView you can 'know before you go.' The CoastView app is useful for planning kayak and boating trips in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. You'll discover sheltered coves and find good places to pull out, explore, or set up camp. Fishermen use CoastView to scout fishing areas before their trips. An Alaska cruise is a perfect opportunity to preview your route and see images of upcoming ports of call. There are so many ways to enjoy what CoastView offers!

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People like CoastView because it gives them instant access to the coast - both the popular spots and the hidden gems. 

  • easily see what any spot on the coast looks like (with a few minor exceptions like the outer Aleutian Islands) 
  • take a virtual trip to the wild and remote coasts: chart a course and explore the images along your route
  • share images and routes with friends and family via text, email, or social media.

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