Point San Pedro, Pacifica

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Point San Pedro is a high rocky headland with steep cliffs on both sides in the community of Pacifica near San Francisco, California. San Pedro Rock is a small island off the end of Point San Pedro that is accessible only during low tide. Pedro Point Headlands Park was recently created above the point and offers views of Shelter Cove Beach, San Pedro Rock and the city of Pacifica.

For many decades the Pedro Point Headlands was the site of unrestricted off-highway vehicle use resulting in erosion scars and gullies. The erosion caused sediment to flow into San Pedro Creek, impacting threatened steelhead trout and California red-legged frogs. The erosion also resulted in landslides, which threatened to flow onto Highway 1 and the future California Coastal Trail area. While many scars have been restored, some persist and continue to erode.

The Pacifica Land Trust is organizing the local community to restore the beauty and health of Pedro Point Headlands Park. Three miles of trails on the headlands are being restored to allow hikers to more easily reach Point San Pedro. The Devil’s Slide Trail begins in the park and provides views of San Pedro Rock from above. This stewardship project was accomplished with volunteers from the Pacifica Land Trust and funds from the California Coastal Conservancy. Read more here and here. Explore more of Point San Pedro here:

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