Dala-Kildala Provincial Park, Kildala Arm

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Dala-Kildala Rivers Estuaries Provincial Park is located at the east end of Kildala Arm, along the east side of Douglas Channel, approximately 9 miles (15 km) southeast of Kitamaat Village, British Columbia. The park was designated on May 20, 2004 and protects 1,831 acres (741 ha) of provincially significant coastal habitat and is accessible only by boat.

The Dala-Kildala Rivers Estuaries Provincial Park protects wildlife habitat in the Kitimat Range such as significant over-wintering and migration staging sites for migratory birds, as well as habitat for Trumpeter Swan, Great Blue Heron, Western Grebe, Red-Breasted Merganser and Canada Goose. The park also protects important Kitimat Range grizzly bear habitat, significant runs of pink and chum salmon, and minor runs of coho and chinook salmon.

The Kitimat Ranges are one of three main subdivisions of the Coast Mountains in British Columbia, the others being the Pacific Ranges to the south and the Boundary Ranges to the north. The Kitimat Ranges lie between the Nass River and Portland Inlet in the north and the Bella Coola River and Burke Channel to the south. They are bounded on the east by the Hazelton Mountains and on the west by Queen Charlotte Sound. Although lower in elevation than the Pacific Ranges to the south, they are in some ways more rugged, and are heavily indented by coastal inlets as well as by fjord-like lake valleys on the interior side of the range. Read more here and here. Download the latest version of the CoastView app and explore more of Dala-Kildala here:

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