Dodge Cove, Digby Island

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Dodge Cove is a small community located on Digby Island, British Columbia. Dodge Cove was named in 1907 by the Canadian Department of Marine and Fisheries after George Blanchard Dodge of the Dominion Land Survey, who had surveyed Prince Rupert Harbor in 1906 for the Canadian federal government.

Digby Island is located west of and adjacent to Kaien Island, which is the location of the city of Prince Rupert. Digby is named for Henry A. Digby, second lieutenant on the HMS Malacca, a 17-gun sloop of the Royal Navy in the Pacific from 1866-1867. Prior to European colonization, the island was occupied by the Tsimshian for thousands of years. The Tsimshian trickster, Txamsem, was believed to have been born on the island in the village of Kanagatsiyot, at the current site of Dodge Cove.

Dodge Cove does not have paved roads, automobiles or stores. A ferry service provides transportation for school students to Prince Rupert, otherwise water taxis are available as the only public transportation. In 2014, a liquefied natural gas facility was proposed on Digby Island by Aurora LNG, a joint venture between Nexen Energy, INPEX Corporation, and JGC Corporation. On September 14, 2017, Aurora LNG and its partners canceled the proposed project citing unfavorable macro-economic conditions. Read more here and here. Download the latest version of the CoastView app to explore more of Dodge Cove here:

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