Geographic Harbor, Katmai National Park and Preserve

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Geographic Harbor is actually two large bays, separated by two prominent islands, that extend 3 miles (5 km) off Amalik Bay, on the Shelikof Strait coast of the Alaska Peninsula, in Katmai National Park, Alaska. The harbor was named in 1919 by Robert F. Griggs for the National Geographic Society.

Robert Griggs was a botanist who led a series of five expeditions sponsored by the National Geographic Society to observe the aftermath of the 1912 Katmai (Novarupta) volcanic eruption. In June 1915, Griggs and a team of scientists rushed to the Katmai coast with the express goal of exploring the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes. They worked their way up through the ash-filled Katmai River valley and over Katmai Pass. Through the long Alaska summer days, they took samples, photographs, and made rough maps.

Afterward, Griggs and the chiefs of the National Geographic Society campaigned persistently to preserve the area, and in 1918, President Woodrow Wilson declared 1,700 square miles (440,000 ha) of land as Katmai National Monument. Learn more here and here. Click here to download the CoastView app and explore more of Geographic Harbor and Katmai National Park.

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