Cape Falcon Marine Reserve

Cape Falcon Marine Reserve in Oregon is a marine protected area designated in 2016. The marine reserve is part of Oregon's network of five coastal marine reserves and is the second largest. The marine reserve prohibits the removal of all marine life and ocean development, from just north of Manzanita to the north end of Falcon Cove, an area of 12.4 square miles (3200 ha) encompassing all of the adjacent ocean to Short Sands beach and extending westward offshore. Adjacent to the marine reserve are two marine protected areas totaling 7.6 square miles (1970 ha), one shoreside and to the north and another just offshore of the western-most boundary of the marine reserve. These areas allow for some limited fishing activities but still prohibit ocean development such as offshore oil drilling, pipelines or other energy development interests. Learn more about Cape Falcon and the other Oregon Marine Reserves here. Click here to download the CoastView app and explore Cape Falcon.