Princess Kathleen, Lena Point

The SS Princess Kathleen was a passenger and freight steamship launched in 1924 and owned and operated by Canadian Pacific Steamships. She served the coastal communities of British Columbia, Alaska, and Washington. On September 7, 1952, Princess Kathleen ran aground at Lena Point near Juneau. The crew tried to reverse off the rocks, however as the tide rose, her stern became swamped. All passengers and crew were transferred to lifeboats and ashore as she slid into deeper water and then sank. The wreck now sits in approximately 50-100 ft (15-30 m) of water and is accessible to divers, however, tides and currents in the vicinity of Lena Point are strong. In 2010, a salvage operation recovered 130,000 US gal (490,000 L) of petroleum products from the wreck. Read more here and here. Click here to download the CoastView app and explore Lena Point.