Sentinel Island Light, Lynn Canal

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Sentinel Island is located along the east shore of Lynn Canal at the northern entrance to Favorite Channel and often used by ships leaving Auke Bay, Alaska.

This was the main route to Skagway for most of the stampeders heading to the Klondike gold fields. Strong currents, fog, rain, and a rocky shoreline made navigating the Inside Passage very challenging, and in 1898 at the peak of the gold rush, over three hundred maritime accidents were reported. The Sentinel Island Lighthouse was activated on March 1, 1902, but navigating Lynn Canal was still treacherous. Early in the morning of August 5, 1910, the Princess May was southbound from Skagway carrying 80 passengers and a crew of 68 when she ran aground on a reef just off the northern end of Sentinel Island, and on July 25 1933, Northwestern ran aground and subsequently was beached on Eagle River Sand Spit on the mainland.

In 1935 the original wooden lighthouse on Sentinel Island was replaced with a concrete tower built in an Art Deco style. The light station was automated in 1966. Read more here and here. Click here to download the CoastView app and explore Sentinel Island.

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