Alitak Cannery, Lazy Bay

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The Alitak fish processing plant is located on Lazy Bay at the southern end of Kodiak Island and near the Alutiiq village of Akhiok, Alaska.

In 2017, the old cannery celebrated its 100th year of operation in one of the world’s most remote areas. In 1917, the Alitak Packing Company was established, encroaching on what had previously been Alaska Packers Association fishing territory.

In 1928, Pacific American Fisheries purchased the Alitak facility, adding crab processing in 1959. In January of 1964, a fire at the plant led to one fatality and the destruction of 15 company purse seiners that were stored on the marine ways during the winter. That same year the plant was sold to Columbia-Wards Fisheries. Today it is owned by Ocean Beauty Seafoods and processes salmon, halibut, black cod, herring roe, canned salmon and salmon roe. Read more here and here. Click here to download the CoastView app and explore more of the Alitak Cannery and Lazy Bay.

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