Dofflemyer Point Light, Boston Harbor

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The Dofflemyer Point Light is located in the community of Boston Harbor in southern Puget Sound, Washington. Dofflemyer Point defines the eastern side of the entrance to Budd Inlet, which leads south to Olympia, the state capital.

On September 27, 1865, Isaac Dofflemyer and his wife Susan filed a land grant claim for 316 acres (128 ha) that included the point of land on the eastern side of the entrance to Budd Inlet that became known as Dofflemyer Point. A lantern atop a twelve-foot stake was established at the point on December 13, 1887, to guide shipping enroute to Olympia. The Port of Olympia was created in 1922, with lumber as its primary export. The light at Dofflemyer Point was never assigned a formal keeper, instead, local residents were contracted to care for the light and activate the fog signal. The lighthouse was fully automated in 1987.

The community of Boston Harbor was founded in 1917 by Seattle real estate developer C.D. Hillman, as an industrial development site easily reached by the Puget Sound mosquito fleet of steamships. It is located at the entrance to Budd Inlet, between Dover Point and Dofflemyer Point, and at the intersection of Pickering Passage and Dana Passage. Read more here and here. Download the latest version of the CoastView app and explore more of Dofflemyer Point here:

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