Strawberry Hill, Intertidal Research Reserve

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Strawberry Hill is part of Neptune State Park approximately 5 miles (8 km) south of Yachats, in Lane County, Oregon. The Strawberry Hill Rocky Shore Area is a series of outcroppings along the base of Cape Perpetua that includes 0.8 miles (1.3 km) of diverse intertidal habitat and Harbor seal haulout and pupping areas.

This is an important site for experiment-based field studies of rocky intertidal communities, focusing on how intertidal plants and animals are organized and change over time. For example, at Strawberry Hill, filter-feeders such as mussels and barnacles are relatively abundant and marine algae are relatively scarce, in contrast to Boiler Bay, near the community of Depoe Bay, where marine algae are abundant and filter feeders are relatively scarce. These studies have been important for identifying the causes and mechanisms underlying observed patterns.

This is also an important long term research site for the Partnership for Interdisciplinary Studies of Coastal Oceans (PISCO) that studies the impacts of climate change on large marine ecosystems to help inform the sustainable management of marine resources. Read more here and here. Download or open the CoastView app to explore more of Strawberry Hill here:

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